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Fleet Saloon Car

SALOON CAR! This provides space for upto 4 passengers, however the capacity would only allow 1-4 passengers but 2 check in luggage with very small hand luggage.

Fleet Estate Car

ESTATE CAR! A vehicle that can accomodate 1-4 passengers as a saloon car but allows a little more luggage space. So upto 3 checked in luggage and 3 hand luggage.


MPV VEHICLE! This Vehicle allows upto 1-5 passengers and 5 checked luggage and some small hand luggage. Both cost effective and comfortable, an alternative to an estate car if you want comfort and space.


LARGE MPV! This vehicle is subject availabiliy, and can accomodate upto 8 passengers and 8 luggage with minimal hand luggage. To book please contact us by phone or email. Due to excessive requests, bookings are limited.